Seeds of Destiny 8 January 2021

Dunamis’ Seeds Of Destiny 27 December 2021 Devotional By Dr. Paul Enenche: Reigning Despite Opposition

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TOPIC: Reigning Despite Opposition (Seeds Of Destiny 27 December 2021)

When a person is anointed, his position becomes secure despite opposition.

SCRIPTURE: When they went from one nation to another, From one kingdom to another people;

He suffered no man to do them wrong: Yea, he reproved kings for their sakes;
Saying, Touch not mine anointed, And do my prophets no harm. – Psalm 105:13‭-‬15

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: When a person is anointed, his position becomes secure despite opposition.

It is evident throughout scripture that God wants the topmost places for His children.God is positioning His Children in the places of authority and Influence despite the contention of the devil.

When Moses dropped the rod and it turned into a serpent, the Magicians of Egypt confirmed that they were available my dropping their own rods which also turned into serpents. Beloved, any position that is influential is contestable.
You cannot attain the place that God has placed for you without a contest.
The wealthy place, the place of influence and relevance and dominion and authority and rulership attract contention and contest.

Some governmental offices are filled with satanic candidates.They are practicing occultism in the office, manipulating people everywhere and stealing money.

There are witches and wizards and supernatural forces that do not want you to be what God wants you to be. But it is existing in the anointing that will secure your position against satanic opposition.

Now, when Moses dropped his rod the Magicians also dropped their rods.His rod turned to a serpent, their own rods too turned to serpents.But the superiority of the power was that his rod swallowed up all their rods and left Egypt rodless till tomorrow.
So you see, God’s intention is for us to be up there.

David was on the run for thirteen years after he was anointed King, why because Saul wanted to destroy him. But his place as King was secured by the anointing.

The Devil knows that if a child of God on fire is a billionaire or a political leader he will shake systems for God,so the devil would want to resist him. This is why the anointing is crucial.

Remember this: When a person is anointed, his position becomes secure despite opposition.


  1. Refuse to leave without the defence of the anointing of God in this wicked World.

2. Build a strong relationship with the Holy Ghost at the place of prayer, especially by praying in tongues.


PRAYER: Lord I ask that you anoint me with the oil of authority and dominion.
I exist above the opposition of the devil and his agents, and I take my place in life and destiny by the anointing, Lord in Jesus Name.


PROPHETIC DECLARATION/WORD: The Lord will cause you to go up and keep you up in the name of Jesus. Every candidate of the devil assigned to take your place of influence, relevance or dominion is uprooted by the power of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name.

Today’s devotional was written by Pastor Paul Enenche of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC), headquartered at Abuja, Nigeria, with Pastor Paul and Becky Enenche, as the Senior Pastors. It is a power-packed arena where God’s Presence, Principles and Power are at work for the salvation, healing and restoration of human destinies and dignities

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