Testimony: Multiple Fibroid Healed Via Soul-Winning!

“In September 2015, I was diagnosed with multiple uterine fibroids which have been there for some years, eating up my blood and flesh. When I received the report on September 22, 2015, I brought it to the church (God Specialist Clinic) first, and laid it on the altar instead of showing it to my consultant. After giving God thanks for it, I praised Him for a while. I was confident in God because I knew I was a woman on a mission. I laughed at the devil, because during Operation Rescue 2015, I engaged fully. So, I believed that as I’m ‘on the go’ for Christ, I cannot be a casualty.

With much bleeding and pains, I trusted God that He cannot lie to me, holding on to His Word in Matthew 15:13. More so, He is the first Surgeon and the only One Who can perform a surgical operation without wound, blood coming out and visible scar. While holding on to His ‘garment’ and also on rescue mission praying for lost souls, God showed up. The bleeding, which the doctor said couldn’t stop, ceased. In the month of healing, God honoured His Word and operated the fibroid without any wound or drop of blood. Indeed, God restored my health and did it free of charge. I give all the glory to God Almighty, my RAPHA, Who specializes in all areas in the medical field!”

– Flourish, E.

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