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The Power Of The Word of God by Pastor D. K Olukoya

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SUNDAY SERVICE – 8th December, 2019
Topic: The Power Of The Word of God
Ministering: Dr D. K Olukoya (G.O, MFM Worldwide)

Anchored Scriptures: Hebrews 4:12, Luke 3:1-2


This is an area where the enemy has cheated so many believers. ‘The power of the word of God’.

Open your bible to Hebrews 4:12 I’ll wait for everyone to get there.

What I just told you to do (memorizing Hebrews 4:12) is to exercise a bible memorization.

In that singular verse you have read that:

1 The word of God is quick.

2 The word of God is powerful.

3 It is sharper than any two edged sword whether physical or spiritual.

4 It can pierce to the dividing asunder of the soul and the spirit. That word of God can separate. The soul and the spirit things that are two difficult things to separate but the word of God can separate them.

5 Finally, it is a discerner of the thought and the real intent of the heart. The word of God has the ability to discern the heart.

In Luke 1, ‘the power of the word of God’. If there is one area where all members of the Mountain of fire and miracles ministry where they need to go really strong; it is in the area of this word of God, It is in the area of scripture, it is in the area where you must know your bible, it is where you must have a deep knowledge of the word of God.

Many can call prayer point, many can sing and dance but there is a wide spread of an epidemic of the poverty of the knowledge of the word of God. People do not know that their prayers are powerless once the word of God is not backing it up indeed. It is important for that word to be in you. It is quick, it is powerful, it is a divider, and a discerner. You cheat yourself when you avoid bible study, you cheat yourself when the only things you’re interested in is only miracles.

This is why a general regulation is going on now MFM Worldwide.

Beginning from January 2020, every Sunday message must be ‘B-H-H-H’.

All Sunday messages must be B-H-H-H

– ‘B’ stands for brokenness,

– ‘H’ stands for holiness,

– ‘H’ stands for heaven,

– ‘H’ stands for hell.

Those are the messages (B-H-H-H) in the mountain of fire and miracles ministry which our teachings will be based on.

Any message you want to preach about prosperity, deliverance, it should be done during the weekly services.

Any pastors who disobeys, the church will take actions against them.

Any Pastor who is avoiding them is definitely afraid of brokenness, holiness, heaven and hell.

The time for bread and butter messages on Sunday is over.

The kind of Christians we have now is due to the kind of messages they get.

Many get to church and all they hear is prosperity and motivation messages. They never become disciples of Jesus Christ, they become disciples of money.

When problem comes and they are face with problems, they are very weak.

Luke 3:1-2, listen to this narrative. The word of God (from the scripture passage) came to John the son of Zachariah in the wilderness. The word bypassed all those big names (Luke 3:1) and went to John the Baptist and this is where there is problem.

The foundation of all undone pastors in ministry is the absence of the word of God. For thirty years, the preparation of John the Baptist was done. Where did this preparation took place? In the hotel? No.

I’m sure the parent of John the Baptist would have told the wonderful things that will happen to him but God has set a day, suddenly the word of God came to him.

Suddenly John that was in an obscure place where nobody knew what he was doing, suddenly John the Baptist that wasn’t somebody to reckon with, people started rushing to him in the wilderness. Others were busy socializing, he was in the desert. Others were busy stealing but he was in the wilderness, others were busy fornicating but he was in the wilderness, Others were busy politicking but he was in the desert.

Something happened to him in the desert, the word of God came to him. The word of God that will change his destiny and position him for the purpose for which he was born, came to him. Immediately the word came, his life changed, a new thing began. The direction of the people changed, people were rushing to the desert. Why were they going to the wilderness? There is a man called John the Baptist and he’s baptizing people. Something came to John, it was the word of God.

I pray that what came to John will come to you in the name of Jesus!

Something came to his life that had a capacity to draw Jerusalem, Judea to him. Did his voice or dressed changed? No. It is because something didn’t come to many ministers that they are always looking for new clothes and attires to wear. It is not about your dress or church decoration or serving tea and bread that will change the people. The reason people are coming and you have to give them tea in-order to stay is because the thing that came upon John the Baptist hasn’t come to them.

When the word of God came to John, a glory was being revealed in the wilderness, a diamond was shining in that bush.

When the Mountain of Fire and Miracles started in 1994, people came to our service all the way from Cotonou. When the word of God came to John, people were coming to ask him what must they do. Yet this same John the Baptist was calling them vipers.

One of the greatest power that God gave to man is the word. There is power in the word. It is the word of the teacher that turns a man to a doctor. God speaks, man speaks. Man accepts many things that never came to pass. Adolf Hitler once said he will capture Africa and turn it to a rubber farm, it never came to pass. The word of God is powerful, it can divide the soul and the spirit.

This is why we all need to go back to that song they taught us in children Sunday school then. The song looked very simple but very deep:

Read your Bible, pray everyday,
You will grow, grow, you will grow
You will, grow, grow, grow

Read your Bible everyday,
you will grow, grow, grow.

They taught the second part:

When you read your Bible, but forget to pray
You will shrink, shrink, shrink,
But ‘I say’ you will die, die, die.

Each day you jump out of the house, no prayer, no bible reading, you’re heading for serious trouble.

The reason it is (the word of God) asking you to be strong is because you have a strong enemy out there. It is because the word of God says that ‘I’ve sent you as sheep among wolves’.

I expect you that if you’re born again for five years, you should be able to recite 365 memory verse or at least 52 memory verse; one per week. But if we subject many people to test, recite the Bible verses you know. Most people will read John 3:16 or one or two verses of Psalms.

Every man or woman in the mountain of fire and miracles ministry must become a bible student.

In Jeremiah 23:29. The ‘word of God’, the Bible says:

– it’s a hammer,

– it is a fire,

– it is a mirror,

– it is a seed to multiply,

– it is a ladder to cleanse,

– it’s a land to guide,

– it’s a sword to cut,

– it is a bow for a revenge,

– it a gold to enrich,

– a power to create faith,

– it’s food for nourishment.

The Bible calls it milk, bread, meat, honey, those are the description of the word of God. You’re not doing yourself any favor if you don’t know any word – ‘it is written’.

G.O narrates a real life incident:

A woman came here with a problem. On her wedding day, they wanted to use water to wash her legs. She refused and said it’s demonic as its not written in the Bible. The mother said she will deal with her. On that night, she dreamt that her mother in-law walk into her room, deep her hands into her womb removed it and walked out. She went to seek all kinds of solutions but no avail for 12 years. There was a place she went to seek solutions and they asked her not to come there again.

I said to her to make Bible memorization her top priority. As at that time, some people complained that I was turning the church to a bible school. One night, she had a dream and saw her mother in-law walk into her room holding her womb in her hands. She asked her to give her back her womb. She asked why, she said it is written that this that that. The woman (her mother in-law)responded said well it is true that it is written, where exactly is it written? She woke up from the dream and got angry in her spirit. This is why Jesus confronted satan with the word of God ‘it is written’. Soon after memorizing the scriptures and where it was written – For the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joint and marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart – Hebrews 4:12

At this point, when her mother in-law appeared again in her dream, she handed back her womb to her.

A lot of believers have faced troubles, terrible spirits, terrible manifestation that has happened to them in the dream simply because the word of God is so low and they could not counter it. Most times the children of satan are memorizing devilish incantations for 30 minutes.

‘Our own incantation’ in quote is the word of God. Prayer is good but when it is backed up by the word of God; it is very effective.

The purpose of this word is to draw you closer to memorizing scripture and benefits of the word of God.

Benefits of the word of God:

1 The word of God is the solution to every problem.

2 The word of God will give you victory over every battle.

3 It is the last bus stop in every situation.

4 It will defend you where and when you cannot speak.

5 It will show you the direction to follow in every junction of confusion.

6 The word of God will make you wiser than your enemies.

7 The word of God will put all your envious enemies to everlasting shame.

8 The word of God is the hammer that breaks rock to pieces.

9 The word of God will make you love the unlovable.

10 Make you go and grow deeper and deeper into the word of God.

11 It will make you forgive those that have wronged you.

12 The word of God will bring revival into your spiritual life.

Someone did a research on Christians. He discovered that only 15 percent of Christians read bible every day. 20 percent read it once weekly, 20 per cent once a month, and about 15 per cent who rarely read it. He also found out that 25 per cent don’t read it at all. Those who don’t know whether to read the Bible or not are about 5 per cent.

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Sister, brother you want to marry. All the time he’s chatting about marrying you. You don’t find him one day explain the scriptures to you or pondering on what he learnt in church. He hasn’t for once said to you that ‘You too my fiancée go and learn this scripture passage’. Neither has he said ‘During my quiet time today, this is what God ministered to my heart’, then you haven’t found a husband yet. All the time he’s kissing and rubbing you, then you’ve not found a husband at all.

13 The word of God will teach you morals.

14 It will heal your spiritual wounds.

That is why when you gather people, and you teach the scriptures; power will automatically come out. That is why retreat is very powerful.

Our ancient fathers, they walk with the word ‘it is written’.

15 The word of God can restore your lost joy.

16 The word of God can deliver you from bondage.

17 The word of God will give you grace to make heaven.

18 It brings light to every situation.

19 It brings revelation.

20 It brings direction.

21 It is cure to the darkness of man.

It is not possible to enslave a man or woman who reads the Bible.

21 The word of God brings joy.

22 It will kill depression.

23 The word of God brings hope. It destroys hopelessness.

No matter the situation the enemy has prepared, the word of God will destroy the preparation of the devil.

24 The word of God is a channel of power.

25 It is a communicator of peace.

26 It stops restlessness. That is why any situation you face, first of all gather relevant scriptures, and begin to memorize them.

The reason the enemy comes and mesmerize you up in the dream, it is because you’ve not been sensitive to memorize the scripture and challenge him with that. I trampled upon you by the power in the blood of Jesus.

G.O recalls a previously shared story:

A woman use to be a member of MFM before she went to be with the Lord. They sent a demon idol to her and it began calling her names she was called that she didn’t even know. She smiled and read Isaiah 8:9-10 to that idol. She also recited Deuteronomy 28:7 and the demon idol was glued to where it stood. She asked what the demon was holding in its hand, it said it’s a clove. She said it should began to beat itself with the clove and it did. The next morning, she called her to see a high member of her family who was lying dead. That the skull of the person was already broken.

If you will fill your life with the word of God, you will become a bible addict and many warfare prepared against you will vanish.

27 The word of God makes you wiser than your age.

You’re a student and you want to do well in your study and be a high flyer, memorize the scriptures.

28 The word of God brings answers to prayers.

29 It guarantees victory over sin.

30 It give your life a new purpose.

31 It causes spiritual growth.

32 It produces fruit in your life.

33 It has the power and capacity to redirect your destiny to the right place.

34 It gives you power for revival.

35 The word of God keeps us away from backsliding.

36 It’s the explanation for the origin of this world and what we are doing.


The Lord said I should tell you to begin a process now that will make you a carrier of the word of God. Bible memorization is vital. The Bible says in the beginning was the word. The word of God will always be at the foundation of everything that God does.

It’s a directive to all members of MFM.

Beloveth, be like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He was full of memorized scriptures. When the Pharisees come, He will say ‘have you not read’. If he could learn scripture and have it in his head, how about us?

Look at other religions, their young men will memorize all the books they read. It is the memorization that have made them want to radically die for their faith.

The first step to take for revival for the word of God:

– Make up your mind that you will memorize at least one scripture per day. Are there situation confronting you now? Gather scriptures. Is it employment? Gather the scriptures. Is it that you want job/career breakthrough? gather scriptures.

When you now combine this with prayer, you will be amazed what God will do in your life.

The power in the word of God has the capacity to nullify any magic, any fetish power, any demonic power. When you see somebody making incantation, incantations are merely instructions for demons to do something. You have a high level of instruction (the word of God) to counter it. When you don’t know what to decree, it is because you’re not studying your bible. You take bible study with levity.

Once you miss praises and worship, you miss Sunday school, you’ve missed the service. The praise and worship is what God gets from us. It’s good to come for prayer but what will make that prayer strong and effective is the word of God.

You’re a business man, I challenge you to go read the scripture on what has to do with ‘favour’. Daily memorize them, the forces you are sending out is the forces that established this universe, no one can counter them. Meditate on it, rehearse it.

The more you do it, the stronger you become. You’re feeding your spirit man to fight any battle.

Prayer Rain:

Before Hymnal Ministration, Prayers by Daddy G.O:

1 I fire back every arrow of the enemy by the power in the blood of Jesus in the name of Jesus!

2 I bind and cast out every spirit of bad luck in the name of Jesus!

3 Wherever I go this month, favor of God shall overshadow my life in the name of Jesus!

Before Men Choir Ministration, Prayers by Daddy G.O:

4 Let those who hate me because of my glory expire in the name of Jesus!

5 Arrows assigned to make me die the death of my enemy, backfire in the name of Jesus!

6 Holy Ghost arise, disgrace the laughter of my enemies in the name of Jesus!

7 Miracles that will multiply my joy, my life is available, locate me now in the name of Jesus!

8 Evil hand registering my name for tragedy, catch fire in the name of Jesus!

9 Satanic termites operating on my destiny tree, dry up and die in the name of Jesus!

10 Brutal angels of God, terminate every marine army assigned against me in the name of Jesus!

After Sermon Prayers by Daddy G.O:

11 Power to connect to the word of God, fall upon me now in the name of Jesus!

It is not in vain that the Bible says ‘let the word of God dwell rich in you:

11 Word of the living God, envelope my life in the name of Jesus!

Standing on that word of God which says ‘behold, I give unto you power to trample upon serpents and scorpions and every power, It didn’t say some powers; and it says that nothing shall by any means hurts hurt you’. Pray these prayers with all the strengths that you have. There are specials angels attached to these prayers:

12 Powers assigned to disgrace the works of my hands, die in the name of Jesus!

13 Powers assigned to disgrace the world of my hands, die in the name of Jesus!

The second power to kill before you leave this place:

14 Powers that have vowed that I will not see the top, die in the name of Jesus!

15 Powers that have vowed that I will never be great, your time is up; die in the name of Jesus!

Flatimes Notice Board: Until you are born again, God ever abiding presence will never be with you. You must be born again to enjoy continuous victory. Please say the displayed prayer below in faith:

Lord Jesus, come into my life. I accept You as my Lord and Personal Saviour. I believe in my heart You died and rose from the dead to save me. Thank You Lord for saving me, in Jesus name Amen.

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