Pastor Olugbenga Oladejo

A UK-based Nigerian pastor has released a YouTube video in which he goes into graphic details about séxuàl practices forbidden to Christians.

In a startling frank presentation, Pastor Olugbenga Oladejo of the Complete in Christ Church in Peterborough recounts a ‘vision’ he saw of the torments of hell, which people suffered because their séxuàl behaviour. Mr Oladejo refers throughout to the “matrimonial bed” and makes it clear that he is talking about what married people may and may not do.

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He says that the only permissible séxuàl position is the missionary position: “Missionaries of old who taught their converts about true holiness would teach them that in the marriage bed, face to face with the husband on top is the only position that God has sanctioned. That is a landmarker or boundary stone that was laid by people before this evil generation was born that you and I who live today are a part of … We have moved that stone, so we could try new things to fulfill our lusts.”

Couples who engage in other séxuàl acts including oràl séx, màsturbàtíòn and acts of bondage, as well as other séxuàl positions, “are not going to make it to heaven”, he says.

The Complete in Christ Church takes a strong line against “worldiness” in dress and appearance. Women are not to wear trousers or jewellry, and its website says that “All forms of hair styles that glorify the world or draw attention of others to female or male séxuàl parts are evil and wicked before the Lord.”

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