Earlier this week, a charger that could power a device from 20ft away was revealed, and now visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show have been treated to one that charges devices in just 30 seconds.

In less than the time it takes to boil a kettle, StoreDot can take a phone’s battery from zero to fully charged thanks to a breakthrough in nanotechnology.

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It was showcased at the Las Vegas event, which has also displayed smart dartboards, a three-wheeled car and Meccano’s Short Circuit-style dancing robot.

StoreDot technology was first demonstrated last year, but the prototype at the time was too chunky to fit inside slim phones.

But the latest model of the StoreDot phone, being shown off at CES, has been streamlined and the company plans to make it even thinner by 2016.

The technology was developed at Tel Aviv University.

Researchers discovered tiny naturally occurring crystals were able to store a charge, or emit light.

The crystals – dubbed NanoDots – are two nanometers in diameter and contain short chains of amino acids called peptides.

The experts said they are easy and cheap to make, and are non-toxic.
The firm is working on using the crystals, which it calls NanoDots, for displays and semiconductors as well as batteries.

For example, the NanoDots can replace toxic materials like cadmium used in displays, and can be created in a wide variety of colours.

The technology can’t be fitted to existing phones because the current batteries wouldn’t be able to handle the surge and change in power.

But the team behind the project told the BBC that a number of major manufacturers have approached the company to licence the technology.

This could see it introduced on next-generation handsets as standard.

Source: Daily Mail UK

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