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The Voice of Your Foundation and Your Dreams by Pastor D.K Olukoya

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Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries
Power Must Change Hands Program,
March 2020 Edition
(Re-Writing Family History Part 3)
Topic: The Voice of Your Foundation and Your Dreams
Date: 7th March 2020
Ministering: Dr. D.K Olukoya (G.O, MFM Worldwide)

Scriptures: Psalm 11:1-3, Psalm 106:32, Job 33:14-18


I’ll like you to listen to me very carefully. The prayers we are going to pray now, we continue next PMCH. The prayer is called ‘40 dreams, 40 prayers’. I’ll now go on to make some explanations on them.

The topic of today’s teaching is ‘the voice of your foundation and your dreams’.
This will now lead us to the 40 dreams, 40 prayers to lay a foundation for this teaching.

There is a lamentation in the book of psalm, many don’t read it properly to understand what it means.

In Psalm 11:1-3, this was a lamentation from the psalmist. It was as if there was a conversation between the psalmist and the enemies. From the scripture passage, they are fighting the righteous.

If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? It means the righteous have a lot to contend with. The unrighteous have already being finished up by the enemies.

History repeats itself. It always does because no one listens to history. Experience and history teaches that people and government don’t learn from the principles of history.

When you begin to study the history of man, when you begin to study the history of tribulation or problems and you’re one of us who believe in solution evangelism, you will learn a lot of lessons from history.

Let me pick one example among many examples to pick from:

Moses lived and led a fascinating, distinguished and unparalleled life. Moses was the prince of Egypt, he was the giver of the law. Moses was God’s faithful servant and the Bible recorded he was more humble that anyone in the surface of the earth. Many of us are dreamers and guessers but He (Moses) spoke to God face to face. You will be wondering why a man who spoke to God face to face, why his foundation dealt with him.

Moses was also a psalmist, he wrote psalm 90. Moses was an historian and there was no other prophet like Moses. He was a strange, mysterious man and controversial man.
He (Moses) was a child of the slave and at the same time, he was the son of a queen.
He was born in hut and lied in the palace. He was born in poverty but also enjoyed unlimited wealth in the palace of the king. He was a mighty warrior but also a meek man. He was highly intelligent and he was intelligent in the wisdom of Egypt but very faithful.

He (Moses) was very backward in speech but he talked with God. He had the rod of the shepherd and the power of the infinity God. He died alone on mount Moab but the same person appeared with Christ later in the New Testament.

No man assisted in the funeral of Moses, but it was God that buried him (Moses).
In spite of all these qualifications, there was a voice contending with him. This voice was tempting him, the voice was fighting him.

When those voices come, Moses will dodge it, but eventually they caught up with him.

In Psalm 106:32, several times Moses was provoked in the wilderness, he dodged it. One day, he didn’t dodged it and the voice caught him. The voice of his foundation wanted it to be ill with Moses.

The ancestors of Moses had a very bad temper. That bad temper had now caught up with him. Moses was born under the sentence of death.

The father and mother (Amram and Jochebed) of Moses gave secret cover for him for three months. It’s difficult to keep a baby in the hose for three month and nobody will know.

The name ‘Moses’ was not a name given by God. It was given by the daughter of Pharoah.
May I ask you this question: who gave you the name you’re bearing now? Many are given a name by their enemies.

Meaning that from the beginning of the life of Moses, he had been placed under the canopy of marine powers. Moses now grew up in the palace of Pharoah (the kingdom of marine powers). He learnt all the wisdoms of the Egyptians.

What are these wisdoms of Egypt: Incisions, mummys, jewelries, architecture, embalming the dead, astronomy, engineering, pyramids, magic, those were the wisdoms of Egypt.

Moses eventually lived for 120 years: 40 years in Pharoah’s palace, 40 years in midian and 40 years leading children of Israel in the wilderness.

The anger of Moses was so serious that through that anger he killed an Egyptian. Through that anger, he smashed the first tablet of the Ten (10) Commandments God gave him.

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When the children of Israel were worshiping idols, he ground the idols to powder and forced the children of Israel to drink it, he commanded them to drink it.
No wonder when Moses died, Satan demanded the body of Moses but God said ‘no’.

I’m praying for somebody here: that any voice speaking from your foundation, talking death, speaking disgrace, I silence them now in the name of Jesus!

– Your foundation can hire a lawyer against you in the spirit realm.

– Your foundation is strong enough to defeat the strong man in you.

– Your foundation can move you from grace to grass.

– Your foundation can be the key to destiny abortion.

– Your foundation can actually be the fountains from which the demons are drinking water from, meaning it can attract demons to your life.

– Your foundation is strong enough to defeat the champion on you.

– It can be the grave of your destiny. It is the rope that pulls down shining stars.

– Your foundation can be the invitation to disgrace a star. It can come from a voice.

– Your foundation can rewire a brain to failure

– It can bury multiple talents

– It disconnect the voice of a man from heaven

– It punctures the talent balloons of people.

– It can turn winners to executive losers and put cancer in many souls

Because of the way we live our lives, God runs a school in the middle of the night. The purpose of that school is found in Job 33:14-18

This is talking about the mystery of dreams. God in His infinite mercies has decided to instruct men from their dreams. Your dream life is your spiritual monitor. Bad dreams do not end well, good dream does.

There are 40 indicator dreams trouble from the foundation or 40 indicator dreams for those who voices are talking to from their foundation:

  1. Seeing corpses or attending funeral service and you’re still a young person. There is a voice calling for you from the grave.
  2. Seeing yourself being handcuffed or chained. It means your hands are just there physically but they have been tied in the spirit realm.
  3. Marriage to unknown person. You’re suppose to know the person you’re marrying. In the spirit realm, you’re married to a person and you do not know where the person is coming from.
  4. Walking bare-footedly. It is when the enemy has removed your shoes in the spirit.
  5. Wearing torn dresses.
  6. Hair removal. You have hairs physically but in the dream, your hair are not there.
  7. Seeing yourself naked. It means disgrace and insecurity.
  8. Unknown persons beating you up.
  9. Gun shots and bullets and arrows fired against you, it’s a foundation dream.
  10. Being beaten by animals.
  11. Unable to cross the river. You know you needed to cross to that other side but unable to do so.
  12. Going back to former schools and former houses, it is dreams of retrogression. The enemy is trying to return you backwards. If you’re hear now and you’re listening to me and you’re experiencing this, going back to your former school or where you were an apprentice before; please pray prayer number 10.
  13. Strange incisions on the body. You sleep without them, but you wake up with them.
  14. Wearing grave clothes.
  15. Finding yourself in court as the accused.
  16. Nursing a strange baby or breast feeding a strange baby. It is drinking the milk of your life.
  17. Lose of shoes or sandals which transmit to marital distress.
  18. Lose or stealing of keys. It is a foundation dream.
  19. Being attacked by dogs.
  20. Seeing tortoises and snails, snakes. They all means slow progress, procrastination.
  21. Swimming in the waters when physically you cannot swim.
  22. Seeing masquerades. It means ancestral spirit and witchcraft powers.
  23. Begging for food or alms.
  24. Bleeding…that is loss of virtues and slow death.
  25. Cobwebs which is an agenda to make a person stale.
  26. Wearing boggy dresses or dresses of jewelries.
  27. Serving others and engaging in hard labour. Cooking, serving, and all kind of slavery activities in the dream.
  28. Sexual harassment in the dream. Sometimes waking up with pains and it seems it is all over the body.
  29. Getting out of the body and seeing your body on the floor, it is a foundation dream.
  30. A woman being violated by a male and female personality.
  31. Looking in the mirror and seeing another face that is not yours.
  32. You find yourself in a different family set up more different that the ones you are in real life. It means you’re actually living a double life. You need to cancel that life in the spirit.
  33. Seeing part of the body missing.
  34. Falling into labour and delivery of non human materials.
  35. Marriage or wedding without father or mother present there.
  36. Sexual intercourse with your father or mother.
  37. Fighting creatures that you beat and beat and beat and they refuse to die.
  38. Being installed as a king or queen in an unknown place.
  39. Being pursued by headless creatures. It means being pursued by senselessly destructive enemies.
  40. Seeing pepper, seeing red oil, pepper, red oil. This translate to extreme sickness against you, heartless wickedness against you.


These are the 40 dreams indicating that you do have a foundational voice to silence.

This is why we lead the program, ‘40 dream, 40 prayers’.

Each of these dreams I have mentioned will take us one hour to thoroughly explain it. The purpose of these explanation is for you to learn how to fight.

The purpose of this teaching is to expose the enemy so that you can fire a direct and sharp shooting arrow against them.

Being able to participate in the prayers today, you must:

  1. Surrender your life to Jesus.
  2. Repent from every known sin.
  3. Be part of the winning team.

You have an opportunity today to deal with these thoroughly.

You are here, ‘Pastor I heard what you said, I want to be delivered, find your way to the alter very very quickly’.

For you to access that power and that victory, you need to surrender your life to Jesus.

The rest of us, begin to talk to the Lord that father, today, I must fight in the name of Jesus!

Prayer Rain:

Prayer Session: Silencing the silencers by Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan (A.G.O)

1 My dream shall not be silenced in the name of Jesus!

2 Household enemy that is commanded to shut me up, you’re a liar (3ce), scatter in the name of Jesus!

3 This year, my voice of testimony shall be loud in the name of Jesus!

Prayer Session: by Pastor Gbesan (A.G.O)

4 Powers assigned to waste my opportunities, die in the name of Jesus!

5 Every evil alter diverting my blessings and opportunities, die in the name of Jesus!

6 I recover ten fold all my wasted opportunities in the name of Jesus!

Prayer Session: I shall not die but live by Pastor Abiodun Aladejola (A.G.O)

This is the prayer you must roar desperately, say it loud and clear:

7 Every covenant of untimely death raging in my bloodline, expire in the name of Jesus!

8 Resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ, kill every sickness in my body in the name of Jesus!

9 The number of my years I shall live, I see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living in the name of Jesus!

During Ministration prayers by Daddy G.O:

10 Powers assigned to return me to square one, die in the name of Jesus!

After Ministration prayers by Daddy G.O:

It is time for the prayers. They are not ordinary prayers. These prayers are to be said with acidic violence, these prayers are prayers to address wickedness and plantations of darkness. I want you to pray the way you’ve never prayed before as you shout to the heavenlies:

11 Powers provoking secret tears in my life, your time is up, die in the name of Jesus!

12 Powers turning my seat of glory into the seat of battle: what are you waiting for, die in the name of Jesus!

13 Covenant of wicked elders that stole my glory, break in the name of Jesus!

14 Powers turning into serpents to poison my life, catch fire in the name of Jesus!

15 Oh God arise by the thunder of your power, disgrace my disgrace in the name of Jesus!

16 By your name ‘JAH’, my way: open in the name of Jesus!

These prayer should be done in boiling anger. If you cannot pray with boiling anger, don’t bother to pray them:

17 Powers that have sold me before I was born, before I leave this place, die in the name of Jesus!

18 Voices in my foundation attacking my next level, die in the name of Jesus!

Blind bartimeous didn’t say his prayers, he cried his prayers:

19 My head, my head, my head. Hear the word of the Lord, arise and shine in the name of Jesus!

20 My blood, my blood, my blood, receive the blood of Jesus, kill every infirmity in the name of Jesus!

There is a destruction that walketh at noon day. An example is what is happening in our world now, pray this prayer loud and clear:

21 Every flying infirmity, we are not your candidate, scatter in the name of Jesus!

We continue our 40 dreams, 40 prayers in our next PMCH. The one we have done today has brought uncommon testimonies, will bring and continue to bring uncommon testimonies in the name of Jesus!

Prayer for Nigeria:

22 Eaters of flesh, drinkers of blood assigned against Nigeria, destroy yourselves in the name of Jesus!

Announcement by Daddy G.O:

  1. The weekend deliverance for the month of is coming up 20th – 22nd March 2020.
  2. Members should not forget, those listening to me all over the world, that we have a million souls target evangelism for this year. It has already kicked off. All zones and region are to meet the target set for them and more so cascaded to them at the yearly meeting.
  3. As a believer and Christian as a result of the situation facing us now, we must care for our hygiene. We have to be very careful about our personal hygiene. The Bottomline is this: ‘He that keepeth Isreal shall neither slumber nor sleep’!
  4. Don’t forget that MFM has provided buses to move people away from here after the service.

Flatimes Notice Board: Until you are born again, God ever abiding presence will never be with you. You must be born again to enjoy continuous victory. Please say the displayed prayer below in faith:

Lord Jesus, come into my life. I accept You as my Lord and Personal Saviour. I believe in my heart You died and rose from the dead to save me. Thank You Lord for saving me, in Jesus name Amen.

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