Topic: Joint-heirs [23/5/2016]
Text: Romans 8:16-17

Scriptures say Jesus is the firstborn among many brethren (Romans 8:29). That is, He is our big brother, the firstborn Son of our Father. But, unlike some earthly firstborn sons, although He is heir of all things that are God’s, He decided to have us share in all of them.

Now, the beautiful thing of being joint-heirs with Jesus to all that are God’s, is that we don’t have to make do with the left overs of all that God possesses, but we all can put them to use in the same measure because we all have got the same exact share. We don’t need to envy ourselves, thinking our Father has given more to some of our brothers than He has given to us. We all have the same measure and the same access to all that are God’s.

So with this mindset, the love and bond that exists between us as brothers and for our Big Brother, Jesus Christ, become strong. We shun strife and bitterness as brothers, and form a strong unit in our quest to have more brothers to share in the inheritance that we now enjoy. We work in tandem in depopulating the kingdom of Satan and populating our Kingdom. Hallelujah!!!

Keep winning daily.

Thank You loving Father for making me a joint-heir of all that is Yours with Jesus Christ and my fellow brothers. I am elated that I have access to all that You have and I put them to use as I work to populate our Kingdom with more brethren, in Jesus name. Amen.

By Ese Ehimare Dave

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