Author: Ese Ehimare Dave

Topic: How Do You See [Monday, 27th March 2017]

Hast thou eyes of flesh? or seest thou as man seeth? Job 10:4

Our perception, how we view and understand things, is very critical to the kind of life we live. The quality of our perception determines the quality of life we live. Perception determines and propels our actions, which ultimately determine the kind of results we will get out of life. Scriptures say we are spirits because we are born of God’s Spirit (John 3:6). And it is expected that we see and perceive as the spirits that we are.

We don’t have the eyes of the flesh, neither do we see like an ordinary man. We have the eyes of spirits and see like spirits because we are spiritual beings. There is a particular way we are to see and perceive things. When we are faced with the same circumstances like an ordinary man, our perception of the circumstances should be different from that of an ordinary man. Out of the ten spies sent by Moses to spy the promise land, only two had encountered the Spirit of spirits – God. And it was evident in their reports. While the other eight were giving negative report, Joshua and Caleb were urging the people to gird themselves and be ready to take on the occupants of the land and conquer them, because they are well able (Numbers 13&14).

They all saw the same people; their strength and their military prowess, but the two divides had divergent perceptions and report. It’s all about how they saw what they saw. It’s all about their perception. And your perception is as a result of an understanding of who you are. When you understand that you are well able to subdue all circumstances life throws at you, you won’t be cowed by how enormous they are. Don’t see with the eyes of the flesh, see with the eyes of the spirit. You are well able,  because Christ in you is your strength.

Keep winning daily.


I function and operate in the spirit. I see with the eyes of the spirit. I see possibilities, triumphs, progress and prosperity. Even in defeat and challenging circumstances, I see victory always, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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