Winning Wisdom: Just Decide

Topic: Just Decide [13/7/2016]
Text: Daniel 1:8

The most frustrating thing in life is an unattained goal, dream, vision and aim. No matter how lofty and big your dreams are, no matter how high your aims are, no matter how poignant your visions are, they will become a mirage if you don’t take a firm decision to pursue or chase after them. People can talk about what they hope to achieve with their lives. Talk is cheap, anybody can do that. But it is only the decision to take the necessary actions that really matter.

God wants each and everyone of us to live out our dreams. If you are connected to God, all that you ever think of achieving are actually His ideas that He has put in your heart. And no matter how big they are, He wants you to achieve them. But you must first take a firm decision to live out the dreams and achieve them. You must purpose in your heart to take the necessary actions, no matter how difficult they may seem, so you could achieve your dreams.

It is only when you decide to take actions, that the intangibility of your goals, visions and dreams becomes tangible. You must break out from inaction and passivity into action and activity that will bring you into the pursuit of your goals. It is a decision from failure to success, from unfulfillment to fulfilment, from a no-impact life to an impact driven life. Just decide now. It is never too late to start off on the journey of achieving your goals. Just decide.

Keep winning daily.

I take the decision now to live out my dreams. To achieve every goals and visions I have set myself. I decide to actively work and walk towards it. God’s Spirit  guides my steps as I follow His lead towards an impact driven life, in Jesus name. Amen.

By Ese Ehimare Dave

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