Pastors Dennis and Aity Inyang 45

20 Years Yoke Of Barrenness Destroyed

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Blessed with twins 4 years after the wife’s menstruation stopped following the birth of their first Child.

Pastors Dennis and Aity Inyang are the Lead Pastors at Sure Word Assembly Lagos. Their testimony of child bearing is quite an intriguing one. They got married early, Pastor Dennis was 27 and Pastor Aity was 24. They decided to wait for one year before they began to bear children so they could adjust to the newness of marriage and slowly one year came and went and next thing it was 5 years but they couldn’t bear children. At this point they weren’t really perturbed, they were best of friends even before marriage, they were young and as such they continued their lives with Pastor Aity traveling all over and blessing lives through her renowned music ministry while Pastor Dennis was doing the work of the ministry.

Tick tock, tick tock, 5 years became 10 and then 15 years, but there was still no sign of a child. At this point the pain and reality of not having a child began to get to them. Pastor Aity sought medical advice hoping that would help, she underwent several medical treatments; like immunotherapy. She did In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and she bore all the pains and emotional discomfort that came with the medications and injections that came with these treatments. But she had great hopes, the doctors told her everything about her was fine and that the implantation was going to be good, she was happy she would get to give birth. But despite the doctors good report and receiving the best medical treatment, Pastor Aity still wasn’t able to conceive.

The fact that they were Pastors and had to preside over the child dedication of other people’s children didn’t help matters. Pastor Aity says: “Sometimes I’ll come back from a child dedication feeling very sad and my husband would console me and try to talk me out of that sad mood. In Pastor Dennis’s word, “My wife is a very happy and bubbling girl and nothing was more heartbreaking than seeing her sad. But what he didn’t know was that after talking to her, I also ended up sad. Sometime people think men don’t feel it when they go through things like this, we do but I was able to deal with it by getting back to God, spending time in prayer and seeking the company of good people that could speak positive things into my life.”

For Pastor Aity, she found solace in her gift of worship and she would burst into songs whenever the wave of sadness came.

Through the years Pastor Aity and Dennis continued to pray, they received several prophetic word that they would have children and in 2010, Pastor Aity was pregnant. She couldn’t believe her ears when the doctor told her the news. She came home worshipping God, while worshipping, God gave her a song. She wrote and decided to release it on the day of their baby’s dedication, her husband was overjoyed. They were finally going to have a child. But sadly Aity lost the baby, to say that she was shattered is an understatement. She told her husband that she had begun to sing the song God gave her everywhere she went to minister but now the pregnancy was no more, her husband told her it meant God was now owing her a baby and since God never owes, He would surely give her a child. Pastor Aity went ahead and added the song to her album titled ‘Unstoppable’. Meanwhile Pastor Dennis had already settled in his heart that nothing was ever going to make him divorce his wife, not even this case of barrenness despite the fact that he wanted and loved children.

Aity and Dennis kept believing God would visit them and while waiting to be pregnant, they received an unexpected lovely gift. God blessed them with a beautiful baby girl and they named her Lovely. They were happy but their happiness was cut short when Pastor Aity’s menstrual period stopped. Scientifically it meant she wouldn’t be able to give birth again. Pastor Aity loved her daughter and she didn’t know what God was up to but she wanted more children.

One day her yearning overwhelmed her and she took a seed, went and knelt before her husband and said to him. “I’m not sowing this seed into your life as my husband but as my Pastor, I am sowing this seed for my babies. You pray for others and they have babies, I want to have a baby this year. Just like you minister to others and they get pregnant, I want to be pregnant this year”

Her husband was in shock but found a way to wipe her eyes and told her she would be pregnant that year. He didn’t know how it was going to happen and after saying it, he later wished he hadn’t put a time frame to what he just said but in that moment God told him to take that seed to a Senior Minister of God. Pastor Dennis did as the Lord commanded and four months later, Aity was pregnant. What was more surprising to her was that the doctor told her she was going to give birth to twins. She called her husband and told him the good news and after 24 years of marriage, Pastors Aity and Dennis gave birth to twins in

Their testimony further proves that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him.

Today Lovely, Awesome and Gladsome: Pastors Dennis and Aity’s children are alive and kicking.

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