Nigerian born soccer player, Adebayo Akinfenwa has been named by football game, FIFA 15 as the world’s strongest footballer a day after scoring against Liverpool FC.

The huge number 10 who has been nicknamed the Beast in England.

He is a huge Steven Gerrard fan and had to warn his teammates against touching Gerrard’s jersey after the game.

He said after the game: He (Gerrard) threw his first shirt in the crowd, and I was about to grab him, but he told me he had another one in the changing room for me”.

“I put the word out – stay away from Steven Gerrard’s shirt, because it’s mine. Hopefully he’ll sign it for me.

“He hasn’t come out yet – if he tries to run I might have to put him in a headlock so I can get a picture with him.”

10 suprising things, you don’t know about Akinfenwa.
He weighs 102 killograms
Akinfenwa is 5 ft 11 in but he weighs in at a mighty 16 stone, or 102 kg.
He says he has always been a “naturally big guy”, and has even struggled to get football teams to take him seriously.
“People said I’m too big to play football,” he said. “One hundred goals later, I’m not. There are no limitations to what you want to do.”
Akinfenwa has bench-pressed 180kg. That’s three times the body-weight of his team-mate, midfielder Sammy Moore.
He says due to the love of working out in the gym, older managers have had to close down the gym from him.
Akinfenwa’s strenght was recognised by FIFA game series who gae him an amazing 97 out of 100.
During his playing stint in Lithuania, He suffered racism. His club over there (his first profeesional club) was FK Atlantas, he did not enjoy his stay.
He received racist chants from home supporters. “Coming from London, where nobody would disrespect me, this was just brazen”.
He however refused to back down from the challenge and was resolute. “There ain’t nobody going to run me out of nowhere,” he said.
He created ‘Beast Mode’
“Beast Mode On is a state of mind,” he explained. “Beast Mode is about applying yourself and defying the limitations people put on you.”
When he’s not terrorising League Two centre-backs, Akinfenwa also finds time to run a clothing line bearing the ‘Beast Mode’ name.
Akinfenwa is often recognised as a footballer. Just not always as the right sort of footballer.
The striker says he once faced a policeman who thought he played American football.
Akinfenwa was happy to tell the policeman: “I play proper football.”
He’s a choose Christianity despite father being a muslim.
Akinfenwa was born to a Muslim father and a Christian mother.
“When Ramadan was on dad made us fast and then I had to read the Bible every day and go to church,” he said.
It was his mother’s faith that he was drawn to and he now reads the Bible daily and attends church every Sunday.
Akinfenwa in action against Liverpool…

Saheed Adebayo Akinfenwa was born on 10 May 1982,  is an English professional footballer who plays for AFC Wimbledon as a striker. He is known for his physical strength and heavy build.

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Source: BBC