All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, has lashed out at President Goodluck Jonathan for reducing the pump price of petrol from N97 to N87.

Lashing out at the President via a Facebook post, Buhari wrote,”Out of desperation, GEJ’s government has increased subsidy payments and reduced fuel prices to N87 per liter. Many people think it is a good decision. 

But it is not.

You think you are paying less at the Petrol station, but you cannot experience much economic developments this way. Why? The monies that have been budgeted for Education, Security, Constructions and many more will be diverted to pay for subsidy as it was never planned.

Budget – $65 per barrel.
Crude – $48 per barrel.
We are losing $17 per barrel.

In recent weeks, India and Indonesia have removed fuel subsidies. Nigeria’s government decides to take on more.

Deregulation is the solution, not increased subsidy payments.

GEJ is seeking to buy your votes for N10, but your future cannot be exchanged for N10. He knows this move is not sustainable and so, he will definitely increase it, even more than N97, if you vote him in.

He waited up until 27 days to the election to make this move.

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