Author: Ese Ehimare Dave

Topic: Be At Rest [Friday, 7th April 2017]

Now Jesus, when He saw the great throngs around Him, gave orders to cross to the other side [of the lake]. – Matthew 8:18

Do you have Jesus as Lord of your life? If your answer is in the affirmative, I congratulate you. You are one of a kind. A special breed who is so secured that the storms of life can’t get you under. You are immovable and indefatigable. Nothing can by any means hurt you. You can join these chosen and separated people if you have not received Jesus as Lord of your life by accepting the sacrifice of Jesus for your sins and asking him to come into your life, so you can enjoy the secured life we are enjoying in Christ.

In Matthew 8, from the very first verse, Jesus was engaged in so many activities. That day, He was just healing people every where He went. And because He was in human flesh, He was exhausted. “Now Jesus, when He saw the great throngs around Him, gave orders to cross to the other side [of the lake]” (Matthew 8:18). But as they were crossing, a storm arose. Jesus was fast asleep. Notice that despite the storm He did not wake up. Do you know why? He had already given an order for them to cross to the other side. Not even a storm can stop the order. Jesus was never bothered, neither did He care about the storm because He knew His words cannot fall to the ground. This might surprise you, but even if Jesus did not wake up to still the storm, they would still had gotten to the other side of the river, even if the storm was raging.

When the disciples woke Him up, He was not mad at them because they couldn’t stop the storm. In His mind, these guys should be resting. The storm will only rage but we will get to the other side. Maybe you are facing a storm right in the journey of life – in your family, ministry, business, career, etc. Take a pillow and rest just like Jesus did. You will get to the other side. The storm won’t stop you, no matter how long it has been raging. Take a nap. God’s Word over your life cannot be stopped. Be at rest. You are coming out with a testimony. All you need to do is rest in God’s words and promises. Rest!

Keep winning daily.


Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for Your Word over my life. I am at peace and resting in You Word. I know the storms of life cannot stop the fulfillment of Your orders. I am victorious. I am more than conquerors. Hallelujah!