Winning Wisdom: Bodily Exercise

Author: Ese Ehimare Dave

Topic: Bodily Exercise [Tuesday, 9th May 2017]

For bodily exercise profiteth little…1 Timothy 4:8

How trivial most Christians treat bodily exercise. They feel it is not necessary for them to exercise their bodies. So, most of them never deliberately include exercising as part of their daily routine. This is a wrong thing to do. Apart from what scriptures say about it, through the wisdom of God, health practitioners always advocate that we exercise regularly. And this is something we must not trivialize in any way. It is very important.

Some folks might say bodily exercise only profits little. But they have not come to the understanding of the whole of 1 Timothy 4:8. Apostle Paul was not trying to trivialize exercising, or was he trying to discard its importance. But he was comparing bodily exercise with godliness, and yes, bodily exercise pales in comparison with godliness because godliness affects the spirit, mind and also the body and its organs, while exercising affects only the body and its organs. This is what Apostle Paul was trying to make us understand.

We need sound health and a well exercised body to have the physical energy to do the good works which the Lord has ordained that we walk in them (Ephesians 2:10). This is why we must factor in exercise into our daily routine. There are different kinds of exercise you can do. Do a research on them and find the one suitable for you and that can fit into your schedule. God wish that we be in health always (3 John 2), and exercising is one of the ways to ensure that.

Keep winning daily.

Wise Action:

Make exercising part of your daily “must dos”, preferably early in the morning. It helps your blood circulation and if your blood is circulating well to all parts of your body, you won’t lack energy in any part of your body.

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