Alternative/Plan B (Part 2) by Dr T.E Shobiye [PR]

Topic: Alternative/Plan B (Part 2)

The solutions to prevent alternative B

  1. Purity: we must live a holy life without a flaw and make our inner clothes white like snow. GOD ALMIGHTY told Abraham to walk before him blamelessly (Gen17:1). We should do things that will be pleasing to GOD ALMIGHTY so that it will be well with us (Gen 6:18). We must not allow evil in our hearts and do good to others (Amos 5:14-15). If our ways are pure or right before SOVEREIGN GOD ALMIGHTY, we cannot never be defeated by the battles of life because if GOD ALMIGHTY is with us, who can be against us or who can press charges against us (Romans 8:31-33). We should remove wickedness from our tents. In fact, we must always check ourselves if we are still in Christ (Job 22:23). At times, our thoughts do not correlate with a look in our faces, that is to say that charming is deceptive… (Pro31:30). The heart of human is desperately wicked, who really knows how bad it is? (Jer 17:9). “It is possible to do good works and still have a wrong heart attitude and It is also possible to do some things wrong but still have a right heart on the inside” (Joyce Meyer). This is the reason SOVEREIGN GOD looks at the heart not the appearance (1 Sam 16:7). The attitudes of our hearts need to be pure and clean for our requests to be granted. We must offer our lives as living sacrifice before GOD (Romans 12:1). The holy life is required if we want to be far away from the calamities of the world (1 Corin 6:19). The glory, peace and prosperity will follow every one that does good while trouble and distress will follow anybody that does evil, GOD ALMIGHTY does not show favouritism (Isa 3 :10-11 & Romance 2:10-11). If we are holy before GOD, HOLY SPIRIT will reveal all the promises of GOD to us (1st Con 2: 9 & 10). The Bible says who can ascend to the thrown of grace? He who has clean heart and pure heart… (Psalm 15: 1-5 & Psalm 24:3-5). We must approach throne of grace (SOVEREIGN GOD ALMIGHTY) with clean and clear mind in order to win our battles (Heb 4:16 & Heb 10:22). Those that call the Name of GOD ALMIGHTY should depart from evil (2 Timo 2:19). Peter (1 Peter 1:13-17) also warns us not conform to the evil desire, but we should be holy like JESUS CHRIST because our GOD ALMIGHTY is HOLY.

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  2. Baptism of HOLY SPIRIT: when we are filled with HOLY SPIRIT, we can never have a thought of seeking Plan B because those that are led by the HOLY SPIRIT are called sons of GOD ALMIGHTY (Romans 8:14). HOLY SPIRIT as GOD the SPIRIT, is the spirit of SOVEREIGN GOD that reveals the deep things that we need to know that are beyond human comprehensions ( John 16:13 & 1 Cor2 :10-12). Oyahkilome (2019) posits that no person can live the Christian life without the help of HOLY SPIRIT to live the Christian life. Adeboye (2019) reveals that it is an impossible task for the Christians to survive the journey of this world without the assistance of the HOLY SPIRIT and cordial relationship with HIM. Ibiyeomie (2018) declares that without HOLY SPIRIT no one can succeed in this world and Holy Spirit is the only entry to the manifestation of the supernatural in the lives of Christians. One of the roles of the HOLY SPIRIT is guidance, HOLY SPIRIT guides us to the way to salvation which is the solution to our trials because HE knows the good things that GOD ALMIGHTY have in stock for us that no eyes has not seen nor ear has heard nor mind has conceived (1cor 2:9). HE puts the light on our darkness ways that our. HOLY SPIRIT gives us the direction or path to take for rightful solution (Isa30:21) because where HOLY SPIRIT is, there is liberty (2 Con 3:17). The HOLY SPIRIT gives us wisdom and knowledge to overcome the problem of life (Matt 10:19-20; Mark 13: 11 & Luke 12:11-12). Mormon Channel (2015) indicates that the Holy Spirit teaches and challenges us to recall the words of Christ to apply to our specific problems. “The Holy Spirit gives us the messages the Father gives to Him, and He often tells us things that will happen in the future”(Meyer:2019). Renner (2016) affirms that when we step into the territory or the journey we do not know, the Holy Spirit sees what we cannot see, knows what we do not know and knows the way we should go. It was the guidance of HOLY SPIRIT that helped Apostle Paul in his ministry by giving him the directions where to go and preach the gospel while Paul was prevented from some places to preach the gospel (Acts 16:6-10). Wood (2014) posits that if we do not allow the Holy Spirit to work within us, we will be stranded in getting accurate guidance and direction to our journeys in life. Ibiyeomie (2018) states that HOLY SPIRIT gives us understanding about truth of words from GOD ALMIGHTY and makes us to become outstanding in life. Whenever we are struggling to become somebody in life, we should ask the HOLY SPIRIT to order our steps to our divine. Kakra (2019) reveals that some people look up to the pastors as a number one director of their lives while making Holy Spirit second director. Wood (2014) notes that the HOLY SPIRIT always actives and presents when we want to make important decisions that can make or mar the journey of our lives. HE opens light in the darkest hours of our lives. The HOLY SPIRIT can take us to the place that is higher than us because HE is the answer to every challenge, storm, and hardship of life. According to Renner (2016), whenever we embark on the journey we do not know or step into unknown territory, the Holy Spirit leads us to the exact routes, the efficient shortcuts, the safest paths to take for us to reach our destination of success that God Almighty has ordained for us (Exodus 23:20-23). HE raises us up when we fail and lead us to the higher ground, (Psalm 61:2) instead of looking for Plan B. HOLY SPIRIT helped Chief of the Ethiopian to understand the book of Isaiah by sending Phillip to him (Acts 8: 26-40). HOLY SPIRIT caused the enemies of David to make him as the king over Israel (1chr 12:16-18). HOLY SPIRIT serves as comforter during our trials (John 14:26). HOLY SPIRIT comforts our hearts in all of our troubles with the words of GOD ALMIGHTY to bring relief into our lives (2 Con1:13-4). Mormon Channel (2015) points out that the HOLY SPIRIT gives us the ability to be a comforter for others in time of their needs. The HOLY SPIRIT performs extraordinary things and turned our lives around (John 20:22-23 & Acts 1:8). HOLY SPIRIT strengthens us when we are weak and gives us courage. Peter was not bold to preach the gospel but when the HOLY SPIRIT fell on him, he had the boldness to preach the gospel and performed extraordinary miracles, (Acts 2:14-47, Acts: 3 1-26 & Acts: 4: 1-31). HE revealed evil planned by Ananias and Sapphira to Peter (Acts 5:12). HOLY SPIRIT serves as our instrument of war that teaches and trains us how to fight our battles with different weapons in the Bible such as BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, NAME OF JESUS, Fire of GOD ALMIGHTY (Psam18:34-45). When HOLY SPIRIT dwells in us, HE brings the glorious liberty from sorrow, fear and sin. Meyer (2019) describes HOLY SPIRIT as “Warrior within us, whose is in us.” Jeremiah even acknowledged that GOD ALMIGHTY has always been with him like a man of war (Jer20:11 & Exo15:3). HOLY SPIRIT is the armour of GOD ALMIGHTY because we stand against principalities and powers every day, especially in our dreams, but the Power of HOLY SPIRIT conquers them for us, and HE reveals the secrets of enemies to us (Ehe 6:10-13). Without HOLY SPIRIT, Christians are just nought before the devil and, enemies but if we are filled with the power of HOLY SPIRIT will be unmovable rocks for the devil and enemies… (Zec 12:3). HOLY SPIRIT helped the apostles to conquered oppositions in their ministries. HOLY SPIRIT gives strength; joy in all situations we may find ourselves (Romans 14:7). HE gives us HIS fruits to assist us in overcoming trials, temptations, hardships. Oyakhilome (2019) sates that if we accept joy in the HOLY SPIRIT in our lives; we should see challenges as the way to glorify GOD ALMIGHTY, like Paul who did not allow his trials to dictate his mood due to the joy of the Lord in his heart. HOLY SPIRIT provides the fruits that can help us strong during storms, trials hardships (Gal 5:22). Each fruit of HOLY SPIRIT has specific roles it performs in our afflictions (Romance 5:2-4 & Phil 4:11-13). For instance, the fruit of perseverance/persistence helps us to wait patiently on God Almighty for miracles like the Psalmist that waited patiently for the deliverance of the Sovereign God (Ps 40:1-4). The fruit of persistence helped the widow to win the heart of judge (Luke18:1-4). JESUS our father also advised us to continue knocking on the door of heaven day and night until the door is opened for us, (Luke 18: 1-8). The spirit of perseverance helped Bartimaeus to regain his sight (Mark 10:46-52). This spirit of perseverance helped Elisa to receive a double portion of anointing (2 Kings 2:1-14). Olukoya (2019) reveals that the spirit of persistence helps the believers not to miss their day of visitation and prevent failure at the edge of a breakthrough. “Without the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we are left to find our way on our own. This no doubt means we will waste valuable time, energy, and money, not to mention shedding a lot of unnecessary tears along the way” (Renner, 2016).
  3. Words of GOD ALMIGHTY: the reason SOVEREIGN GOD says we should not let the words depart from us is because the words can help us in the time or during our trials. If we immerse ourselves with the words of GOD and we act on them, we can never have the thoughts of Plan B because we have kept HIS words in our hearts (Ps119:11). For instance, JESUS was full of words GOD ALMIGHTY and when the devil came to tempt HIM and HE fought the devil with “it is written, (Mathew 4:4-11). The words of SOVEREIGN GOD rebuke… (2 Timo3:16). “As you read your Bible, HOLY SPIRIT will direct you to words that are meant for you…” (Bill Graham). Copeland (2019) points out that GOD has already provided and equipped us with HIS written words and HE has given us HOLY SPIRIT to give us the interpretation of it. There is always new revelation and new things to learn from reading the words because they are always new every day with the interpretation from the HOLY SPIRIT (Ps 19:9-11). The words of GOD always open the eyes of believers on what to do and show them the strategies to apply to a particular problem. The words of GOD are our sword that kills our enemies (Heb 4:12 & Psalm 149:6-7). The words of GOD are the light to our paths (Ps 119:105). The words of GOD give direction and principles to apply for the solutions to our problems. By meditating the words of GOD, we will express supernatural power and perfection in our lives because the words of GOD bring spirit and life to every dead glory (John 6:63). The words of GOD carry the glories which are meant for us if we are keen to the words. “The Word of God is where the glory is and as you receive the words, the intensity of the glory in your life is increased; you’re enraptured, beautified, and enveloped by His glory,” (Oyakhilome,2019). We should look for words of SOVEREIGN GOD that are similar or related to our situations because there is nothing new under the heaven (Ecc 1:9). For instance if you are looking for the fruits of the womb, you can read the following Psalms: 113:9; 127:3-5 & 128:3-4 etc. “Learn to take every problem with the Bible and within its pages you will find the correct answer,” (Bill Graham). The words of GOD are full of wisdom to use to tackle our problems or storms, (Ps 119:54) and give us joy and peace throughout our storms and hardships, (Psalm 119:103). The words of GOD give us strength all the time and speak mercy, kindness and comfort into our lives and lead to transformation (Zech 1:13-17). Beloved, we should always apply the words of GOD into our situations because our convention is our possessions and life and death is in the power of our tongue (Prov 18:21). Olukoya (2019) and Wommack (2020) are of the view that the word of GOD is the best way to administer deliverance and Words kill, words give life. Copeland (2020) also argues that the word of the spirit does not operate on what we mean but operates on what we say. Brethren, whatever comes from our mouths during the trials may affect us positively or negatively. “When things get hard isn’t when you let go of the Word of GOD ALMIGHTY. That’s when you double up on it,” (Kenneth Copeland). “When you open the Bible to read the scriptures, you will always learn something. Not only that, reading the stories of the Bible will inspire faith in you. Reading how God moved in the days of old will encourage your faith. Reading about how God flexed His muscle and how He revealed Himself in impossible situations are enough to encourage and strengthen you” (Mike Okonkwo).
  4. Prayer: when we are praying, we are communicating to SOVEREIGN GOD. It is good to express how we feel to GOD ALMIGHTY through prayer instead of engaging in alternative B. Whenever we tell everything we are going through to Jesus, our Father in heaven (SOVEREIGN GOD) surely, HE will deliver, sustain and comfort us. According to Eneche (2019), “Prayer is the servicing of our relationship with our heavenly Father through the communication of our value and worship for Him as well as our thoughts and desires to Him.” Okonkow (2019) suggests that whenever we are not happy, we should tell GOD ALMIGHTY how angry we are, how bad we feel instead of telling a man or take an alternative B. Olukoya (2020) reveals that Satan trembles and strikes his hosts when he finds out that saints are gathered in prayer stressing that “Prayer can arrest the hands of time as well arrest anything that the scientists have put together.” Jesus Christ our father also advised also that things we want or miracles that we need can be granted through praying and fasting, (Matt 17:21.) Our father, GOD ALMIGHTY commands in Ps 50:15 that we should call HIM in the day of trouble and HE will answer us and we will give glory to HIM. According to Psalm4:3, this poor man calls HIM and HE delivered him from all his troubles. “We deprive ourselves of not allowing God to know our thoughts and desires if we do not pray; we rob ourselves of communion and relationship with God if we do not pray” (Paul Eneche).When we cry to GOD during our storms, HE will surely answer our cry for mercies (Ps28:6-7). Is anyone in trouble, such person should pray because prayer of a righteous man is effective and powerful (James 5: 13 & 16). Prayer is one of our weapons that is given to us to win the battle of life. Man of God is the man who prays as if he is breathing, he prays like he is drinking water” (Eneche Paul, 2019). A powerless Christian who does not have the zeal to pray will be swimming in the pools of afflictions, troubles and problems. “Prayer gives you added value. It places you far ahead of others. It decks you with the ornament of favour and grace. Prayer is the plus of life. It cancels every minus” (Daniel Olukoya).
  5. Faith: no one can please SOVEREIGN GOD without faith, our hope cannot be cut off if we believe that HE is able, because those who trust and have faith in HIM are never disappointed (Isa49:23). “The battles of life are not won by the physical size or might of a person but by audacity of faith” (Paul Eneche). Our faith is increased as soon as we begin to see the words of GOD ALMIGHTY as our power and strength, (Olukoya, 2019). The faith that Abraham had in GOD that was the reason he was called the friend of GOD ALMIGHTY. ”Faith speaks your expectations not your experiences,” (David Ibiyeomie). We must have faith in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST for the perfect solution to our trials, (Acts 3:16). It is our faith in Christ that will make things happen for our own good (Romans 8:28). Our faith in Christ can be developed and built by constantly and daily reading the words of GOD ALMIGHTY because faith comes by hearing and hearing the world of GOD, (Romans 10:17). Whenever we declare the words of GOD into our situations, it means we are practicing faith because the words of GOD are JESUS CHRIST (John 1:1-4). For instance, if we always declare “goodness and mercy shall follow us…. (Psalm 23:6), blessings for our going and coming… (Deu 28:6), I will lift up my head where my help comes from (Psalm 121:1-2) and The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want… (Psalm23:1).” So shall all these words be for us, if we believe the words because confessing is possessing (Prov 10:11 & Prov 12: 6, 14, 18) and the words of GOD ALMIGHTY are yes and amen, (2 Corin1:20). HE says our request will be granted (Psalm20:1-6). Therefore, what comes out from our mouths positively or negatively will determine what will happen to us. “As surely as I live, declares the Lord, I will do to you the very thing I heard you say” (Num 14:28). The power of our possessions, victory and restoration are within our mouths (Prov 18:21). Ibiyeomie (2019) believes that the words that come from our mouths determine the things that occur in our lives stressing that our trials can be easily changed if we are speaking in agreement with words of GOD ALMIGHTY. “With your faith, you can achieve and have anything; you can chart the course of your life to align with God’s will and purpose for you” (Christ Oyakhilome). In addition, Brethren, we must not base our faith on seeing is believing like the way Thomas did in the Bible. Thomas allowed his physical senses to overcome his faith in doubting resurrection of OUR FATHER, JESUS CHRIST and HE believed when he saw JESUS and JESUS says blessed are those that do not see me but believe in me (John 20:29). In this regard, we must not base our faith on our physical senses because they may not make us perceive good things that on our ways and faith is something we must perceive but not what we see (Heb 11:1). “If we do not renew our minds to acknowledge the limits of the five senses, they will keep us from believing,” (Andrew Wommack). We must connect with our spiritual five senses to build our faith during our trials. Copeland (2019) posits that if we do not perceive ourselves as a person who has received total healing from GOD ALMIGHTY, we will never receive our supernatural miracle and devil will try to keep us from getting our breakthrough by using our unbelief faith against us. “When your faith is weak, your destiny is not secured” (Paul Eneche).
  6. Praises & Thanksgiving: praises and thanksgiving are used to conquer stubborn storms or trials. Lotz (2012) posits that praises are the ways to overcome devil and to distract him. During trials, the devil wants us to be crying and looking for Plan B for solutions to our problems but the praises defeat the scheme of devil during the storms. Our Father, JESUS CHRIST always gives thanks to SOVEREIGN GOD before performing any miracle (John11: 41). “In some supernatural way, praise ushers the authority of GOD into any given situation” (Lotz: 2012). We should render praises to GOD ALMIGHTY for answering our prayers and for granting our request in period of trials and storms (Phi 4:4) we should look back and thank SOVEREIGN GOD for what HE has done before and what HE will do for us (Psalm 103:1-5). One brother once told me that the HOLY SPIRIT spoke to him to be always concentrating on the miracles that GOD has done for his family not the things that HE has not done for him. Kumuyi (2020) states that “A thoughtful person is a thankful person.” In Psalm 77: 7-9, when David was in trouble, he was questioning GOD ALMIGHTY that “Will the Lord reject forever? Will he never show his favour again? Has his unfailing love vanished forever? Has his promise failed for all time? Has God forgotten to be merciful? Has He in anger withheld HIS compassion?” On the other hand, David also realised the victory GOD ALMIGHTY had performed long ago and he then acknowledged the previous wonders GOD had done for him again in the same psalm77:10-20, by saying “Then I thought, “To this I will appeal: the years when the Most High stretched out his right hand. I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. I will consider all your works…” We should always have the flash back how SOVEREIGN GOD has spared our lives from our enemies and good things HE has made and done so far. Jenkins (2013) adds that praises to GOD ALMIGHTY removes fear, obstacles and sends demons trembling. “The person who has developed an “attitude of gratitude” is one who is thankful and grateful for every single thing that God is doing in his or her life day by day” (Joyce Meyer). Kumuyi (2019) argues that the mood of grateful souls never determines by the weather, they always see reasons to praise and thank GOD ALMIGHTY in every situation. Some Christians sometimes say why should they praise God? And also get angry with GOD ALMIGHTY because they have not received the answers to their requests. The children of Israel were also admonished by Moses, Joshua and Samuel to consider great things that SOVEREIGN GOD has done for them before taking plan B (Deu 4:27; Joshua 4:21-22 &1 Sam 12:24). Ibiyeomie (2019) posits that it is futile to be offended with our creator. He further stresses that Christians are not supposed to be offended with GOD in any situation they find themselves because GOD ALMIGHTY is ever faithful and can never be at fault. The word of GOD says let God be true, and every man a liar, (Romans: 3:3). The Bible says woe to a person who quarrels with HIS maker (Is45:9). Ibiyeomie (2019) suggests that in any situation we may find ourselves, instead of getting offended, we should render praises in the midst of that problem or challenge and we will see his wonderful hand of deliverance. “Alexander Whyte was a Scottish preacher who always began his prayers with an expression of gratitude. One cold, miserable day his people wondered what he would say. He prayed “We thank Thee, O Lord that it is not always like this” (Williams Kumuyi). Meyer (2019) observes that when we have minds set of gratitude of good things SOVEREIGN GOD have provided or done for us, we will realise that good time outweigh the bad things we are focusing on like our trial, tragedies, and disappointment. When we discover the goodness of GOD ALMIGHTY, it gives us courage to face the future boldly and overcome every obstacle that comes to our ways. We should also be thankful to GOD for HIS mercies that always endure forever in our lives. Beloved, if GOD opens our spiritual eyes, we will see that the battles GOD ALMIGHTY fights for us all the time in the spiritual realms. If not for the mercies of GOD we would have been consumed by the trials or storms we are facing, (Lam 3:20-23). The devil our accuser, always plants evil seeds for us every day especially when we are asleep, (Mat13:24-25) but thanks to GOD ALMIGHTY who always wipes the evils that are sown into our lives with The BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST (Col 2:14 & Rev 12:11). ALMIGHTY GOD is our battle axe and instrument of our warfare (Jere51:20-23). The Bible says “Who is my accuser, let him confront me, it is The SOVEREIGN GOD who helps me… (1s 50:8-10). GOD ALMIGHTY is our judge, our lawgiver…it is HE who will save us (Isa33:22). Brethren, we should always remember Psalm 91. Therefore, we should always be thanking GOD ALMIGHTY for what HE is doing, what is yet to do and what HE has done in the past. We should choose to be grateful for everything we have, instead of complaining about what we want and what we do not have. He who offers thanking to HIM, HE will show such a person HIS salvation which means the solution to that person’s problems or storms, (Psalm50:12-15,23). Solomon offered thanksgiving to SOVEREIGN GOD ALMIGHTY, he received wisdom, wealth, riches and honour (1 chr1:12). Paul & Silas offered praises, their bondage loose (Acts 16: 16-40), through praises the walls of Jericho fell down (Joshua 6: 20), Jehoshaphat offered praised, GOD ALMIGHTY fought his battle (2chr 20:21), David offered praises to SOVEREIGN GOD; he received generational blessings to the thrown (1 Chr 16 &17). “When you don’t know what to do, praise Him, when you don’t know what to say, praise Him. When you don’t know how, when or why, praise Him! Praise is your instrument to play before God. Praise HIM Madly” (Jenkin: 2013).
  7. Tithing and Offering: can a man rob GOD ALMIGHTY? Absolutely No. Brings the whole title into the storehouse… (Mal 3:8). Brethren, some of the afflictions that rise in our lives are caused by our unfaithfulness. The Bible says, if we obey and we do not harden our hearts, the diseases will not come near us (Ex 15:26 & Deu 7:15). We should check ourselves, if we are obeying GOD ALMIGHTY in tithing and offering. “Tithes and offerings are conditions Christians must meet in order to be blessed by God” (Daniel Olukoya). There is this saying which states that “If you fail to pay your tithe, it will be tightened for you and if you don’t pay your offering, you will be suffering.” Brethren, I can boldly say that the principles and blessings behind tithe and offering have been working for me. If we are not paying our tithe and offering, we are indirectly blocking or hindering the floodgate of blessings as well inviting afflictions, diseases, devourers and Bankrupt. Emmanuel (2020) reveals four blessings that follow the faithful tithers and committed seed sowers: (1) GOD ALMIGHTY gives them the heavenly ideas for profit making and progress (2) GOD sends helpers to their ways (3) GOD saves them from all of devourers (4) GOD gives them long life and prosperity. We can’t be playing game with our maker (SOVEREIGN GOD) and the same time be cheating on HIM. If we are faithful in paying our tithes and give our offering cheerfully without reluctant (2 Corin 9:7). It means we respect and fear GOD ALMIGHTY and this attracts generational blessings. Olukoya (2019) argues that those who obey the financial law of GOD lack nothing. At times, we will be singing Abraham blessings are mine…, the question is, can we also pay the price Abraham paid before receiving prizes of blessings (Gen14:17-20 & Gen 22:1-2).
  8. Giving: Brethren, it is mandatory for us to bless our pastors from the little we have. There are a lot of blessings that will come to us through such gifts to our pastors. If we bless our pastors, our pastor will release abundant blessings into our lives and the blessings will wipe away our financial crisis. My father gave me this advice “If I want favour and blessings from SOVEREIGN GOD, I must make sure that I bless the pastor of my church and be a part of workers in the church.” Brethren, this instruction have been working for me and saving me from the trials of life. Beloved, at times, the devil give us wrong idea by saying there is no need to bless our pastors because they have enough and moreover, it is only GOD ALMIGHTY that will reward them and bless their families. Brethren, if we are thinking like this; we are robbing ourselves from the blessings and indirectly closing the flood gate of heavens from us. Some of us like to be saying that our pastors have enough but we do not have, so there is no need to bless our pastors. Beloved, remember the widow of Zarephath (1King 17:7-16) who was giving excuses to Elijah and if she was not first cater for Elijah from the little she had, she would have been dead from famine in Samaria and after that, SOVEREIGN GOD blessed her and also used Elijah to save her son from the shadow of death. The Apostle Paul also blessed the brethren that supported his ministry (2Con 9:10-14). JESUS CHRIST OUR FATHER also gave us instructions on how to generate wealth by saying “Give and it shall be given unto you…”(Luke 6:38). Brethren, it was a boy that gave the two fishes and three loaves of bread that JESUS CHRIST our FATHER turned to multiple fishes and fed five thousand people without counting women and children. The boy gave the food he had for the ministry of JESUS without thinking of hunger, and he gained twelve baskets of fishes and loaves of bread (John 6:1-14). Beloved, we should try to give our pastors the best not what we do not want or what we don’t like, this is the reason the Apostle Paul advised us that we must not give grudgingly/reluctantly or under compulsion saying that SOVEREIGN GOD loves a cheerful giver (2Con 9:7). The name of Mary also mentioned in the gospel of JESUS CHRIST because of expensive perfume she poured at the feet of JESUS (Luke 10:38-42). Beloved, if we are blessing our pastors, the devil will not afflict us with diseases and storms of life because we will always be in the minds of our pastors and they will pray for us for increasing, sound health and peace in our lives and homes. Brethren, we should know that it was not only tithe and offering that Philippians offered to assist Paul, they also helped Paul with other things he lacked, (Phil 4:14-18) and that was reason he blessed them that “And my God will meet all their needs….”(Phil4:19).

Conclusion and Recommendation

In the light of above discussion, Beloved, why are you looking elsewhere for salvation when it has been fully paid for at Cross of Calvary? HE said it is finished (John 19:28-30) and there is no salvation in no one else but in JESUS CHRIST (Act4:12) and no other sacrifice for anything except the one that JESUS CHRIST OUR Saviour had laid for us, (Heb10:18). Whatever we are facing in life, we should stick/click to JESUS CHRIST because HE will give us the peace not as the world gives (John 14:27). No storm has a permanent resident, it always has an expiring date “But he that shall endure unto the end will be saved” (Matt 24:13). Olukoya (2019) posits that “The storm of no child has an expiry date, the storm of poverty has an expiry date and the storm of indebtedness has an expiry date…” Eneche (2019) affirms that “There is no night that has no end; there is no endless night situation of life. He further states that no matter how dark a night may appear, the day must break and no matter how dark the night situation of your life may be, your day must surely break…” Therefore, the storm may come in the night but joy comes in the morning, (psalm30:5). James describes storms/ temptations as “Trial of faith” (James 1: 1-4, 12). Olukoya (2019) states that “The period of storm represents the night while the rainbow signifies the morning and if we stay strong during the trial and endure it and overcome it, we will see a rainbow after the storm.” Beloved, GOD ALMIGHTY will soon wipe our tears and remove our disgrace (Isa 25:8 & Rev 21:4) and we shall rise and bounce again (Prov 24:16 &Micah7:8). Kumuyi indicates that whenever the trouble/calamity strikes, we should always recall that SOVEREIGN GOD knows about it and HE is in charge of everything. HE is till GOD ALMIGHTY never changes and his on the throne. Brethren, our grieve, sorrow or whatever we are going through will surely end in joy and praise IN JESUS’ NAME (Romans 8:18).We shall boldly say on the day of our victory that “We went through fire and water but SOVEREIGN GOD ALMIGHTY brought us to a place of abundance” (Psalm 66:12), HE is our GOD and we trusted HIM and HE saved us, let us rejoice and be gland in HIS salvation (Isa 25:9).” Plan B is no going area because is a dangerous zone. Our trials, hardships and storms will lead to divine promotions IN JESUS’ NAME Amen. “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated” (Daniel Olukoya).

Action Quotes

“The next time the skyline of your emotions is very dark, you must remind yourself that the sunshine of joy will soon be released upon you,” Daniel Olukoya.

“The Bible teaches that with Christ in your heart, you can face the realities of life. Even though they are hard, the grace of God will give you greater joy and pleasure than any dream world to which you try to escape,” Bill Graham.

“There is no area of life that the devil does not attack but you must learn to stand on the secure platform which is the word of God” Mike Okonkwo.

These two songs are dedicated for us:

1 Through It All by Andraé Crouch
‘ve had many tears and sorrows
I’ve had questions for tomorrow
There’s been times I didn’t know right from wrong
But in every situation
God gave me blessed consolation
That my trials come to only make me strong

Chorus: Through it all
Through it all
I’ve learned to trust in Jesus
I’ve learned to trust in God
Through it all
Through it all
I’ve learned to depend upon His Word

I’ve been to lots of places
I’ve seen a lot of faces
There’s been times I felt so all alone
But in my lonely hours
Yes, those precious lonely hours
Jesus lets me know that I was His own

Through it all
Through it all
I’ve learned to trust in Jesus
I’ve learned to trust in God
Through it all
Through it all
I’ve learned to depend upon His Word

I thank God for the mountains
And I thank Him for the valleys
I thank Him for the storms He brought me through
For if I’d never had a problem
I wouldn’t know God could solve them
I’d never know what faith in God could do
Through it all
Through it all
I’ve learned to trust in Jesus
I’ve learned to trust in God
Through it all
Through it all
I’ve learned to depend upon His Word,

2. God on the mountain By Lynda Randle
Life is easy, when you’re up on the mountain
And you’ve got peace of mind, like you’ve never known
But things change, when you’re down in the valley
Don’t lose faith, for you’re never alone

Chorus: For the God on the mountain, is the God in the valley
When things go wrong, He’ll make them right
And the God of the good times
Is still God in the bad times
The God of the day is still God in the night

We talk of faith way up on the mountain
Talk comes so easy when life’s at its best
Now down in the valleys, of trials and temptations
That’s where your faith, is really put to the test

Chorus :For the God on the mountain is the God in the valley
When things go wrong, He’ll make them right
And the God of the good times
Is still God in the bad times


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